Gravity Drive

Propulsion for the new millennium

Welcome to HyperDrive Motors

The HyperDrive motor is a propulsion system based on a new, breakthrough technology that will fundamentally change our world. Gravity will no longer just hold us down, but can push us to the stars.

We Are Testing

We are conducting demonstration tests to show the incredible potentials of HyperDrive LV2 motor, the worlds first gravimetric propulsion system.

A New Way to Go Places

This thrust is produced solely by manipulating a gravimetric field in this patent pending design. Using the HyperDrive, thrust can be produced in any medium. This is now possible without manipulating protonic matter in a fluid, such as with propellers and turbines, expulsive forces such as rockets, or by using friction such as with treads or wheels (deep technology background).

Propulsion is derived using an entirely new system by what we commonly call gravity. The basic idea behind the invention was first proposed by ME Williamson in his Introduction to Flow Theory first published in 2019.

What HyperDrive is NOT

HyperDrive is not a free energy system. The HyperDrive motor is not proposed to run itself through some magical energy source. We do not hope to violate the law of conservation by using this system and certainly not the law of conservation of energy. It appears that people have collapsed propulsion systems with energy creation. These are entirely differing technologies. This is likely because both perhaps sound fanciful or futuristic. Gravimetric propulsion is real and has nothing to do with energy production or 'free energy'. There is an energy cost to build propulsive forces using the HyperDrive motor. In the prototype HyperDrive an electric motor is employed to input energy into the system. This motor runs on A/C power and consumes approximately 750 watts.

The HyperDrive motor is not a motor to run other things. This is a motor in the sense that it is a propulsive system designed to move things such as a travel craft. This craft could function in the interior of our atmospheric bubble, or in the vacuum of outerspace. It is not, however, a motor to provide work to drive other machines. It is a propulsive device in the sense that a rocket or ionic propulsion system is a motor. The HyperDrive motor solely creates a propulsive force with the purpose to push or pull other things such as people, cargo, etc.

Witness the developmental work and tests being conducted at our R&D facility in the north of Mexico.

Prototype HyperDrive Motor

Our testing methodology

What is a Hyper Test?

Witness the Hyper Test Results

The HyperDrive motor is a U.S. patent pending technology, registered application number 63,000,812, 63,113,588, and 17,214,824